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Water…powerful, clean, forgiving and energizing. "Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith....and having our bodies washed with pure water." - Heb 10:22 (NIV)

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Weight Management


Health IS Natural!



Did you know most people do not burn fat, they store it? And 92% of people fail at managing weight when working alone? IN.FORM is a 13 week program that takes all of you into account and teaches you how to burn fat, get healthy and stay on track for life!


Classes are taught by Diane Malloy, Herbalist, Certified Natural Health Professional and Certified IN.FORM Weight Management Coach.




The weekly IN.FORM scale: Tracks key data to help you stay on course


  •     Body Fat %: Most people don’t burn fat; learn how!
  •     Daily Caloric Intake: Some are surprised to learn they are not eating enough.
  •     Visceral Fat: Is my tummy fat the type that leads to disease?
  •     Muscle Mass: Am I losing muscle or body fat?
  •     Body Water % (hydration)
  •     Bone Mass
  •     Metabolic Age: Learn how to rev up your metabolism and be a fat burner.


IN.FORM gives you:


Weekly training on the physical, emotional and mental barriers that prevent you from achieving and maintaining a healthy body.




  •     A tested system to help you stay on track
  •     A suggested Food Plan (real food )
  •     A research driven resource manual and other resources
  •     FREE protein meal shake each week (recipes will vary)
  •     Supplement recommendations to accelerate your program (optional)


At IN.FORM we want you to enjoy the benefits of accountability in a smaller group setting. We acknowledge and reward your break through moments, give you a place to obtain support and offer the tools you need to reach your goals. We hope you will have fun along the way!


Join us for 13 weeks and find out what you can achieve with the right kind of support!


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I am available BY APPOINTMENT for consultations. Please call anytime to ask questions about current products or services.  If I'm not available, please leave a message and I WILL call you back within 24 hours - most often, much sooner!

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