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Are we Anti-Aging or Anti-Health?

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03/14/2012 07:21 PM

With so many companies throwing around the term "anti-aging" these days, I find it really difficult to sort out my feelings on the subject! Here are my thoughts: do I want to age? Sure. It means I get to enjoy more of life's experiences, more joys, more laughter. BUT, do I want my body to show the signs of age? Not really! I want to be able to enjoy that laughter in skin that is firm with health and joints that move with each giggle. I'm sure many of you do too!

A client came into our offices at New Breath of Life recently and his skin was sullen, dry, and almost color-less. It lacked the luster of health and youth. After some dietary changes and other natural health sessions he was so excited that his cheeks had picked up that natural pink hue again. Friends were telling him how fantastic he looked. His eyes even sparkled! See, cleansing, facials and proper nutrition can make a difference!

Also, Nature's Sunshine Products offer a wide range of skin care solutions and vitamins to better your health so that you age naturally, and healthily. Don't speed up the process! Check out some solutions at www.mynsp.com/dmalloyherbs and www.NewBreathofLife.com.

Come on! Let's show our age!

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